Palazzo Garzoni Moro, San Marco 3417, Venice

In Palazzo Garzoni Moro, Venice, under the artistic direction of Manon Comerio, Federico Ferrarini an artistst from Verona presents SOLE_066, a piece that will see the light at the end of a month of live performance during which the spectator will follow in person all stages of the artistic process.

The project is carried out in collaboration with the MAAM (Museum of Applied Art in the Furniture Sector), founded by the Aldo Morelato Foundation, which collects experimental works of art and unique pieces which relate the history and evolution of design applied to art furniture from the 20th century up to today, all produced by the Morelato company. Some of these will be exhibited during this show, highlighting the blend of strength and energy between art and design.

Palazzo Garzoni Moro, a building from the 15th-century has a strategic location on the Grand Canal. A Venetian jewel as a perfect location for the exhibition on the ground floor, with its charming interior courtyard.

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